Dr.Clark Pair Therapy


Dr.Clark Therapy

The basis of Dr.Clark’s Therapy is the detoxification of our bodies and elimination of pathogens that make us sick,all though natural means.This protocol can be used for prevention,but also to improve or actually care many of the conditions for which orthodox medicine has no answer.

It is possible to improve physical and mental well-being simply by eliminating the two basic factors of our imbalances:toxins and parasites.Currently, the majority of the Earth’s population is victim to a weakened immune system caused by the accumulation of toxins that surround us in our environment, our food etc. This immunological weakness makes us prone to an excessive proliferation of pathogens that can end up causing an illness.

The Clark Thepy is a self-healing system created by Dr.Hulda Clark, an Australian-born investigator, who discovered that the origin of 95% of all diseases stems from the presence of parasites and toxins in the organism.As we remove pathogens and toxins, the body recovers its normal functioning by itself.

In this Therapy no remedies are used which could be harmful or toxic for our bodies. We use remedies from orthomolecular nutrition such as vitamins,minerals and herbal extracts.

In the last number of years hundreds of thousands of people across the world have been able to benefit from Clark Therapy whilst being treated of uncountable health problems such as diabetes,hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Chron’s disease, infertility,depression,cancer,AIDS,all types of pains,arthritis,dermatitis and psoriasis amongst others.
This therapy apart from being
effective doesn’t entail any risks for
human health.

The basis of this therapy is the elimination of pathogens and the body’s deep detoxification throeugh organ cleanses. For this purpose natural supplements are used(always tested to ensure they are fee of toxic elements)and other natural procedures such as the use of electricity in order to kill viruses,bacteria,parasites in just a few minutes.

“It doesn’t matter how long and confusing the list of symptoms


a person may have,from chronic fatigue or infertility to mental problems,in all cases they have in their body toxic substances and/or parasites. I have never found that lack of exercise,vitamin deficiencies,hormone levels,or any other factor, is a primary cause or a determining element of disease. So the solution for good health is obvious.

Dra.Hulda Clark


Price:¥21,000 tax included