Mystic Healing


A bout Mystic Healing


Is the channeling and transmission of the Spiritual Light through a Mystic healer,to one or more receivers. A practice where Pure Love manifests and flows,providing great nourishment to all levels of being.For many Mystic Therapy becomes a door into the spiritual path. It grants us direct experience of Spirit and becomes a powerful means to activate our evolution.

What may be experienced through Mystic Healing?


●Experiences you may have read about in spiritual books but are rarely obtained in real life.

●A greater degree of physical relaxation.
●Emotional balance and mental harmony.
●Temporary but total disconnection from negative mental states e.g. worry,anxiety,etc.
●A greater sense of wellbeing,optimism and joy.
●Deep inner calmness.
●Healing at a physical and mental level.
●Inner guidance and development of intuition.
●Access to higher levels of consciousness,where direct experience of our real nature may be attained.




Price:¥17,000 tax included